The Vision of Sri Vijayanagar College of Law

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A Rami Reddy, BA, LLB
Founder & Secretary
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M Sreenivas Reddy, BSc
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Prof H Raghavendrachar


Ananthapuramu District is more affiliated to Sri Krishnadevaraya, the emperor of Sri Vijayanagar Dynasty under whose rule Rayalaseema was governed for more than 500 years ago. Subsequently this region was under Madras Presidency and later remained with reminisces of the Golden Age of Vijayanagar Empire and now a district of Andhra Pradesh. Ananthapuramu District is with biggest geographical area and first in Alphabet order surrounded by Rayalaseema Districts - Kadapa, Chittoor and Kurnool and Karnataka districts. Rayalaseema is border of Tamil Nadu also.

Our Vision is to become one of the best law academy in the country through advancement of quality legal education and promoting research for advancement of legal studies. Our Mission is two-fold. To produce vibrant professionals by inculcating highest standards of professional behavior and personal integrity.And, to bring about progressive changes in the society by creating legal professionals who work towards the development of the community, the nation and humanity by serving public and fostering justice

As Vijayanagar Empire was under rule of Sri Krishnadevaraya, Sri Vijayanagar College of Law is affiliated to Sri Krishnadevaraya University. The college is located in the headquarters of Ananthapuramu District, a hub of knowledge, wisdom and education. It is academic and spiritual centre. Though the Ananthapuramu district is famed for its drought it is known for its academic excellency from the beginning of this century. The town is with all facilities to accommodate the students from outside districts at reasonable cost of living to pursue their education.

The primary objective of our Founder Secretary and Correspondent is to provide quality legal education to the students of Anantapur so that such an educational upliftment can improve the socioeconomic conditions of the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh

By means of having such an institution that offers legal education to students, legal awareness to the public and conducting several workshops and symposia the college aims to provide the much necessary emancipation to this region

The most important differentiators of Sri Vijayanagar Law College are its exceptional faculty, excellent infrastructure and an extensive library. These form the bedrock of the college's advantages

The college is also ideally situated right at the heart of South India, at Anantapur city, which is very well connected to all major cities and towns in the region. It is very easily and directly accessible from Tirupati, Kurnool, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Puttaparthi