Sri Vijayanagar Law College student opinion

Vijayanagara Educational Society was constituted and registered in 1990 under Societies Registration Act.

In the last decade, the field of law has changed significantly. Public demand customised services, international law affects most domestic law areas, and technology, like others, disrupted the legal industry. It is not enough to grasp legal practise and philosophy. In order to satisfy these, students must be agile, constructive and imaginative.

We emphasize training in expertise and respect diversity and inclusion. We believe in good learning and ensuring that within and outside the classroom and that students should have good career growth opportunities. We are also invested in enthusiastic students, top-of-the-line student life, an outstanding Bar training curriculum and comprehensive job guidance. We are continuously transforming the campus simply to suit the demands of the lawyers of tomorrow. But in addition, we encourage students to acquire many abilities, practise lifelong learning, and to make them mentally fit to take any kind of social responsibility.

We want students who are dedicated, motivated and ready to learn. We want critical thinkers who know and see outside their own beliefs. And we want college and career graduates who are inspired to make a difference.