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Sri Vijayanagar College of Law, instituted in the year 1990 in the city of Anantapuramu, has always taken a pioneering approach in legal education. The College is approved by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi and affiliated to the Prestigious Sri Krishnadevarya University, Andhra Pradesh and administered by Vijayanagara Educational Society. The College is eminent for its scrupulous academics, while engaging academicians and learners into legal research and policy reform. The College aspires to craft progressive thinkers, concurrently swaying students through cultural, professional and intellectual exposure through worldly best in practice methods with hands on experience.

Apart from regular classes, the college involves the students to participate in so many curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Location and Roots

The college is situated in Anantapuramu district, an education hub with multi-disciplinary studies diverged across the city, of which majorly are Jawaharlal Nehru Techolgical University,Anantapuramu(JNTUA), Sri Krishnadevaraya University (SKU), and Central University of AndhraPrdesh. The city has all amenities including Hostels to welcome students from peripheral districts and States to their schooling at fair living costs.

The city of Anantapuramu derives its roots from the golden age of Vijayanagara Empire (1336-1646 A.D.) founded by HariharaRaya 1 and BukkaRaya of Sangama dynasty, extending its territory from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, till the south of Tamilnadu. It was during the period of Krishnadevarya, (1509-1529 A.D.) - notable emperor, an able statesman and crafty general, with a strong sense of justice belonging to Tuluva dynasty, Vijayanagara kingdom reached its zenith with the art and literature flourishing over southern India in multiple languages such as Telugu, kannada, and Tamil, while promoting agriculture and infrastructure with an enormous economic prosperity. Penugonda of Anantapuramu district and Chandragiri of Chitoor district of Rayalaseema has remained as the capital of the last dynasty-Aravidu (1542-1646 A.D.). Vijayanagara kingdom in subsequent years came under the rule of BritishThe Madras Presidency, until the gain of independence. It is with this glorified golden age of Vijayanagara kingdom under the rule of Sri Krishnadevarya as root; the law college stems its name as Sri Vijayanagara College of Law under Sri Krishnadevarya University, which is well connected with major cities and towns of southern part of India.


Why Choose VJNL?

Sri Vijayanagar Law College (VJNL)'s main differentiators are its outstanding faculty, excellent infrastructure and large library. The primary goal of the College is to nurture and encourage ideal governance among students and inculcate qualities to make substantive contributions to transform the administration of justice. Producing vibrant professionals with high ethical conduct and personal dignity and developing legal professionals to support the growth of the society through the promotion of justice. The College develops not only professional persona required for successful career but also introduces to social responsibilities and ideals of justice. With its programs such as Legal Aid Clinics, the College aims to impart the practical knowledge of Law while developing the sense of responsibility as a student and a future professional to create awareness and provide legal aid to the needy.

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M Sreenivasa Reddy BSc


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